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"Jordan’s injury was a very stressful time. Dr. Giuliani’s confidence and approach helped put us at ease going into surgery. He also treated her as a serious athlete and not just as a kid right from the start.

He and his staff always made themselves  available and were very responsive. He readily worked with US Soccer representatives, or physical therapy and strength and conditioning team to create a recovery plan that enabled Jordan to recover in time for the U17 Women’s World Cup.

We highly recommend Dr. Giuliani to anyone going through this type of surgery. The first step to recovery is finding a great surgeon."

Mother of Jordan C. - US Womens U20 National Team Player

"Long before I found myself in the first hospital on the night of a my mid-air collision with another F-16, even while I was still floating in the single-man life raft the middle of the Atlantic amid thunderstorms, I knew I was going to need a good knee doc.

On the night of 1 August 2013, I was undergoing maneuvers with another F-16 at night, dodging thunderstorms, using night vision goggles (NVGs).  During one of the maneuvers, the other pilot became distracted.  Instead of pulling up smoothly right next to my jet, he, with 100+ knots of excess speed, collided with my jet, ripping off my left wing.  (His jet, while damaged, was still capable of flying--mine, however, was not).  The decision to eject was easy.  The process of ejecting, however, was less so.  The wind force alone (of 350+ knots) would fully dislocate my leg at the right knee, and severely tear two knee ligaments on the left.  When Dr. Giuliani would later examine my leg, he noted:  "I feel a heartbeat in your toes, which is a good sign.  If we didn't feel that, I'd say there would be about a 40% chance that we'd amputate your leg at the knee." That's when the seriousness of my injury set in.

After getting picked up by the Coast Guard, I eventually made it to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda.  There, over a period of six weeks, Dr. Giuliani performed three surgeries, replacing all four ligaments on the right knee (ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL) with cadaver ligaments, and two of the four on the left knee (PCL, LCL).  I spent 3 months in a wheelchair followed by months of physical therapy.  However thanks to Dr. Giuliani and his expertise, I was able to get my flying physical back and passed the Air Force PT test, on schedule.  In the intervening years, I've run four half marathons--which I hadn't done before my mishap.  I'm forever grateful to Dr. Giuliani, his team!"

Captain Joel "Flint" DeConcini

I was having shoulder problems for years at the end of my 30-year career in the USMC.  I was seeing Dr. Giuliani for close to a year before my surgery for my shoulder.  He attempted conservative management to allow me to continue to travel throughout the country and overseas, as was necessary when I was the Sergeant Major (SgtMaj) of the Wounded Warrior Regiment.  When my schedule permitted Dr. Giuliani performed surgery on my shoulder performing a complex reconstruction of 3 tendon tears and transferring my biceps tendon. The recovery was a long road that he helped walk me through assuring me the entire time that I would make a full recovery at the end of the rehabilitation process. Fast forward nine months later, and my pain had entirely resolved, and I was back to being able to perform all the physical demands required as a Marine including my physical fitness test and combat readiness test.  I was so pleased with my recovery I had Dr. Giuliani operate on my knee as well with an excellent outcome.  What I liked most about Dr. Giuliani is he always took time to listen to me and he understood my drive to remain physically fit and active.  Dr. Giuliani was always available for any of my questions or medical advice.  Our relationship has since gone from patient-physician to friends as he and his wife attended my retirement ceremony from the USMC and we stay in touch to this day.  Dr. Giuliani is a true professional and I am honored to have had him care for me during my medical requirements.

Sergeant Major Michael T. Mack

United States Marine Corps

Wounded Warrior Regiment

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Dear Doctor Giuliani,
I wanted to thank you so very much for what you did to get me healthy and ready to fight.  The High Tibial Osteotomy you performed on my right leg was perfect.  If you remember, I was struggling to run at all, and even normal events had become painful.  I started running just over 4 months after the surgery and by 6 months I felt completely back to normal.  I'm two years post op now, and running, lifting, biking, and doing all the things I wanted to do before the surgery.  Everything you said you would do, you did, and you did it extremely well.  I know a few orthopedic surgeons from my 32 years of active duty service, and several of them took a look at your "handy work" and said it was the best they've seen.  I already knew that, by the way!!  Again, thanks for getting me back in the fight.  I spent two years in the operating forces after you performed the HTO, and was "running and gunning" with the young Marines.  I could not have done that without your surgical skill.  I am truly grateful for your help, my friend.  I hope our paths cross again soon.
Semper Fi
Lieutenant General, USMC

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I can't say enough good things about Dr. Giuliani and the work he did on my hip. Despite needing extensive work (hip scope, osteotomy and labral repair) I was running again at 3 1/2 months, and was able to resume playing hockey at 4 1/2 months - despite an initial prognosis that left both in doubt. He was kind, patient, and willing to answer any and all questions along the way. Combined with his surgical abilities and the end result I cannot recommend him enough.
Justin Rose
ORIF Ankle Surgery
I had ORIF ankle surgery and Dr. Giuliani did an amazing job:) I had a fast recovery and very minimal pain after surgery! I truly recommend his services! He is also a really awesome person overall, Thank you so much 🙂
Susana Parada
Lovely bedside manner. Doesn't rush appointments, will spend time answering questions.
Great experience and great results with my hip surgery. I was back to running in no time!
Dr Giuliani performed a total right shoulder arthroplasty at Walter Reed, Bethesda MD, in Oct 2017. He meticulously explained every option to me; answered every question I had; was a professional in every sense of the word, and only interested in doing the right thing for me, his patient. Dr Giuliani’s bedside manner is second to none; he is an honest, considerate & extremely competent surgeon who cares for his patients. I would go back to him without a doubt, and recommend him to anyone.
Dr. Giuliani was fantastic. After breaking my shoulder in a car accident, Dr. Giuliani took care of me, communicated with me in a clear, direct, and empathetic way, and after successful surgery, went out of his way to make sure I was ok. His follow ups were always thorough and professional. He is an outstanding doctor with a keen sense for his patients and a terrific manner.
Great doctor will impeccable bedside manners. Repaired my daughter's ACL (vice replace) - she's expected to make a full recovery and return to competitive-level soccer within 8 months of surgery.
January of 2017 was when I first noticed some pain in my right hip, and until I saw Dr. Guiliani I was not given too many options regarding how to deal with it. Considering I had spent almost 8 months looking for answers, the few weeks it took to get me into surgery, after determining that it might be my solution, was incredible. I felt such relief knowing someone actually listened to my concerns and was seeing what I had been seeing for months. Five months out of surgery and I'm training again!
As a veteran, I am proud to call Dr. Giuliani my surgeon at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. After serving in the military for over 20 years, having a doctor that understands the physical trauma my body has suffered during that time is of the utmost importance to me. He has flawlessly repaired my shoulder and right knee, thus tremendously enhancing my quality of life. Any service member or sport enthusiast in need of repair would be lucky to have the care of Dr. Giuliani.
I had a broken tibia and fibula. The provider performed my surgery and gave follow up care. The incision looks great, and the surgery was a success. I started walking within 2 months of my surgery.
Dr. Giuliani performed a labral repair on my hip at Walter Reed Bethesda He was very professional, patiently answering all questions and discussing any concerns I had. I appreciated his honest prognosis, and his overall approach to reviewing my options. After surgery, he reviewed pictures taken during surgery with my husband and explained what he saw/did. Five months post-surgery, I was happy to be pain free and back to my active life style.
Dr. Giuliani is a god-send. He was professional, personable, and confident without being arrogant or condescending. He outlined how his surgery plan and the expected recovery time. Surgery included a SLAP repair, bicep tenodesis, rotator cuff repairs, and shaving down the AC joint. Recovery and rehab were long and painful, but his plan helped me meet all milestones. One year later I have full range of motion can perform all pre-surgery activities. He is superb and has my highest recommendation.
Confident, competent, compassionate - Dr. G is the total package deal. Had my shoulder surgery revised by him, and in record time, Jeff got my active life back for me. He is trustoworthy and honest, he has an excellent ability to translate the complex into meaningful terms that laymen understand. I would go back to him in a heartbeat!
I have had several orthopedic encounters in my life, and Dr. Giuliani help make this procedure to be manageable and less stressful. He was very patient in diagnosing the situation and presented my options. He provided an upbeat attitude and a very positive approach to the surgery. I felt confident working with him that my outcome would be successful and that I could return to normal activities per his guidance. He is clearly a subject matter expert in orthopedics and sports medicine.
Dr. Giuliani performed a Hip scope, osteotomy and labral repair on me while he was at Walter Reed Bethesda. He was very professional and explained every aspect of the surgery and treatment to me before hand. After a very long surgery Dr. Giuliani spoke with my wife and explained everything that was done and even provided pictures taken during surgery. He spoke to her in terms that she understood and answered all of questions that she had.
Dr. Giuliani performed rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder in January 2015. After a successful surgery I fell two months later. Dr. Giuliani again had to repair the pervious surgery and it was again very successful. He has taken the time to explain everything step by step and is responsive to any and all questions. I highly recommend him for any orthopedic needs.
I first saw Dr. Giuliani in February of 2016 for pain and impaired range of motion in my right shoulder. In the first week of March 2016, Dr. Giuliani performed arthroscopy surgery on my right shoulder to repair my rotator cuff and other issues he found during the surgery. Immediately following the procedure, he took time to discuss the surgery with my wife to reassure that all went well. We have been more than pleased with Dr. Giuliani and can highly recommend him.
In April of 2015 I was basically unable to walk down stairs or do any physical activity. My left knee cap had dislocated multiple times and the pain had reached point that I could get no relief with medication. Dr. Giuliani performed Faulkner Osteotomy and synthetic material implant surgery on the left knee. 2 years later I have ZERO pain playing golf, exercising or performing normal activities. Highly Skilled Dr. with great care and concern for his patients. AMAZING JOB many Thanks!
Dr. Giuliani reconstructed my ACL and repaired my meniscus in my right knee. The surgery was flawless and I was back home the same day, pain was as minimal as it could be for knee surgery. Dr. G also preformed a manipulation on my knee after it wouldn't get the ranged on motion that I needed in order to continue my track career, but after the second surgery everything was great again I was able to start running again. Without Dr. G I wouldn't be running track anymore; best doctor I've had.
Excellent Results
I underwent a complete shoulder repair by Dr. Giuliani. He is direct, to the point, and clear. The surgery went excellently and I could see the improvements immediately. Dr. Giuliani was extremely busy but took time to make sure that all of my concerns were addressed and questions answered throughout the process. He even performed an impromptu exam (just checking the sutures and healing process) in the parking lot a week after the surgery as he encountered me leaving physical therapy and he was arriving! Finally, I was healing on a time line in order to get back to an overseas job and Dr. Giuliani understood and worked with me to make sure that I could make the timeline...as long as my shoulder was healing properly that is. I highly recommend Dr. Giuliani.

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